Atomic Force Microscopy and Related Techniques Lab

The Atomic Force Microscopy and Related Techniques (AFMRT) Lab is situated at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (building C8, room 8.4.23), Lisboa, Portugal. We are a group of young researchers with very diverse interests. We take pleasure in finding things out at the nanoscale...

afm general images

Some AFM images performed in the lab. Top left, dividing Burkholderia Cenocepacia imaged by AFM (in collaboration with iBB/IST); top right, transcription factor haa1 bound to DNA strands deposited on mica (in collaboration with iBB/IST); bottom left, Kelvin probe force spectroscopy image of nano features written on a piezoelectric film; bottom right, protein fibrils involved in Alzheimer's disease imaged by AFM (in collaboration with Protein Folding and Misfolding Laboratory of BioISI).

... and in sharing our findings with people from all backgrounds!

outreach afmrt

Arthur, Mário and Miguel participating in Semana da Ciência e da Tecnologia (2015), showcasing the ability of the AFM to survey matter at the nanoscale.

Being part of Faculdade de Ciências we strive for the inclusion of students in our experimental work, and we have hosted several master and bachelor students along the recent years. If you are a physics or engineer student and want to work with us, don't hesitate to knock on the door! We have plenty of projects for you to work on.